Saturday, June 20, 2009

Windows Forensic Analysis 2E - a review

In ancient times, when philosophers and scientists gathered to discuss and debate important topics, people would travel for weeks and months to arrive, just to hear the debates. To listen to the great minds of the time, to learn from them, and on occasion ask questions. In 2009 that trend continues though in a different fashion.

In the case of Windows Forensic Analysis we are fortunate enough to have Harlan Carvey. He has a deep well of knowledge to pull from and he continues to pull buckets of information out of the well to keep us all well hydrated. I was honored to read this book, and it's my privilege to write a review. It's the least I could do.

It's a text book, it's a field manual, it's reference material. This is Windows Forensic Analysis Second Edition and it's the best damn book on the planet for Windows Forensics. I thought I liked the first edition and then I read the second.

It's been updated to be sure, but it's also been expanded. There's current information contained in the over 400 pages of content. There are case studies, there are details you won't find elsewhere.

Want to know how to dump memory and collect volatile data? It's in the book.
Can't recall which tool has certain limitations or what the tool can do? It's in the book.
Want to know how to analyze volatile data? It's in the book.
Want to learn how to registry works? It's in the book.
Want to know how to do Windows Forensic Analysis? Read this book.

I've watched the forums and mailing lists since the first edition of the book was released two years ago. Time after time I read the questions being asked and went to the book. In an overwhelming majority of cases, the answer was there. To those of you that asked these questions, do yourself a favor. Go to the bookstore, or online store and buy the book, read it, highlight it, dog ear pages for reference. Make use of the knowledge that has been shared, your clients deserve it.

In ancient times, people would travel for weeks or months to listen and learn from the greats..all you have to do is spend a little money and open the book.