Friday, January 4, 2008

Updating my certification(s)

I'm starting off this year looking at some certifications and at least one recertification.

My CCE expired in December - affording me the opportunity to apply to recertify. I've done so and I'm waiting for my application to be processed so I can proceed. Generally speaking I don't think certifications are more than a proficiency exam. However I like the CCE as a certification. I didn't attend the training for the CCE so I can't speak as to how good it is, but the certification process was interesting the first time around. Three practical examinations and a multiple choice test is pretty rigorous as far as certifications go. There was nothing else like it at the time.

I submitted my application to recertify and paid the $75 fee associated. I'm now waiting for my recert material to arrive so I can process it and submit it for review. What I've enjoyed the most is the CCE list. There's a great group of people on that list including Mark Mckinnon from CFED and a bunch of people in the field.

I'm considering the CSFA but I've not heard anything good or bad about it. Have you? Please share.

Forensics vendors (guidance and accessdata) have released training "passports". Basically you pay them $4000-$5000 and you can go to the all you can train buffet (go to as many trainings for the year as you can). This sounds pretty nice to me considering each individual training is about $2500. What trainings are you attending this year?


Rebecca said...

I am very familiar with the CSFA certification as I have taken and passed the exam. I was one of the first people to be certified. This certification is offered by CyberSecurity Institute and was developed by Steve Hailey, the President and CEO of the company. The exam is very challenging and consists of a written portion and a hands-on practical. You are given three days in a testing center to complete the exam. The cost is $400 but you can get a free voucher if you meet certain conditions. Details about the vouchers can be found here: I highly recommend this certification as well as Steve Hailey's training. In fact, several people consider his to be the best. Check out their comments here:

Based on Steve's training, I am currently working as the Computer Investigative Specialist for the Consumer Protection Division at the Washington State Attorney General's Office.

hogfly said...

Thanks for the information. I do in fact see your name listed. I may put this on my list of "todo's" for this upcoming year.