Friday, May 18, 2007


I've been kind of quiet this month and that's due to some personal stuff.
I received my degree yesterday in Computer Forensics. It's been an interesting experience going back to school. I entered the industry around the time of the dotcom craziness as a kid and school was an afterthought at the time. Family became important and school was not. Needless to say when the Forensics programs began across the country, my interest was piqued and voila - here I am.
Until this point I've been self taught. I devour books and constantly study on my own. I think the funniest part of school was that I already had the required books in my bookshelf. I guess you could say I'll never stop being a student...

Now that school is out of the way I'll have some upcoming posts:
The faces of digital forensic science
Peer Review - DOJ forensic analysis methodology
Using KntDD and KntDD Enterprise
More Vista work - Bitlocker(I've not forgotten it) and other goodies
My talk with an EMT
Dissecting Office 2007


Anonymous said...

Hog - what school did you attend and what did you think of their forensic program? Thanks...

Mark McKinnon said...

Congratulations. So where is the party?

A couple questions come to mind

1. Compared to what you knew going in how well did the course work prepare you for the real world.

2. How much did you know comapred to your profs?

I know when I graduated with my degree (CS) many years ago I was not really prepared for the real world so I was just wondering.

Again congrats and look forward to reading your upcomming blogs.


Anonymous said...

> Using KntDD and KntDD Enterprise <

Please try and resist the urge never to have an unpublished thought.

- Rossetoecioccolato.