Friday, January 30, 2009

Say what?

So you've hired an expert. They're supposed to be representing you as an 'expert' in a court of law. Here are some things you never want to hear them say. These are real statements. If anyone wonders why regulation of our field is a requirement, think about these quotes and what it means when a qualified expert makes them.

"The EnCE is like a little badge of honor".

"I took two five day courses, and no other formal training".

"My analysis looked the other direction".

"Most likely it's an issue related to our examination computer".

"We have no procedure for chain of custody".


Anonymous said...

And the list goes on... It is unfortunate but those of us who actually know what we are doing, verses the paper certs (a la CNEs, remember? :D), must still get these acronyms in our resume/CV. Otherwise the automagic HR door keepers won't even consider us.

I ask, how many "expert" can tell the difference between an MFM, IDE, SCSI drive? It is the dumbing down of the science and art of forensics. I lament the days when using programs meant I wrote the script/program myself.

Knowing how to click a check-box, and actually knowing what is involved is two different thing.

Phew... That felt good, albeit useless :D.