Sunday, March 25, 2007

A little rant

I've been waiting and waiting for a forensics equipment company to release evidence bags for digital evidence but I've yet to see it. I've searched, asked on mailing lists and still there isn't a single company that provides evidence bags for digital evidence. Seriously, digital evidence is mainstream now, and we should demand that suppliers provide us with evidence bags that allow us to provide an adquate description of the device contained within. In addition, when I bought my yearly supply last year not a single evidence bag was anti-static. I ended up buying anti-static bags from Uline and I stuff the evidence inside of them, seal the bag, then seal that bag inside of a generic evidence bag. So, vendors, if you ever read this blog or hear about it..provide us with proper equipment! The closest I've seen is from a company called SecurityBag

Other types of evidence have specific containers. Arson evidence is stored in metal cans, DNA swabs exist with caps to seal them, yet we can't properly identify our evidence on our bags.

This brings up another question I came up with recently, and maybe someone else has tried this already, but I wonder is the glue that holds together "tamper proof" bags succeptible to tampering? I think I'll have to sacrifice a few bags to testing.


Anonymous said...


I'm not sure how helpful this might be but an Australian company Mikoh Corp. Ltd (contact can provide you with tamper-evident seals which can be used on any container ie.envelopes to cartons.

The seals have about 28 other applications including sealing cable box lids and terminals as well as encrypted communications systems. They have endorsements/compliance by the Australian and US Governments under SCEC and FIPS respectively.

Government use includes "chain of custody" covering investigations and seizures.

The company services any geographical market with an exisitng focus on North America, Europe, Australia and the Pacific.

It is currently developing an RFID container based on it's Smart & Secure TAMPER-EVIDENT technology [most prominent use is in the USA FAST (Free and Secure Trade (cross-border) Program
operating between USA/Canada/Mexico on transport vehicles, where the tags get scanned at border checkpoints.

This Tamper-evident container (briefcase size) will house valuable items, documentation, pharmaceuticals and will negate the need to 'tag' the contents "item" by "item". This makes it ideal for transporting but also storing. Should the container be interfered with the tag will either de-activate or signal an alert when it is next scanned - either way it comes under immediate scrutiny